Romantic Malibu Proposal (on a beach all to themselves!)

Driving to El Matador Beach in Malibu, I saw an unfamiliar sight while hoping to find a parking spot or turn into the lot...a looooong line of cones and signs saying there was a bike race happening on the PCH! Thankfully I eventually found a spot down the hill, hiked my way back and made my way down to what was basically a completely deserted beach. When I arrived, a heart of roses and the couples' names had already been laid out at a prearranged spot by the groom-to-be's brother and cousin who had thankfully also somehow found parking!

Meanwhile, Asaf and his girlfriend Shanna were driving to what she believed was a friend's birthday that he had convinced her people were dressing up for! He'd even had her best friends convince her to go out with them for a manicure, which she finally relented and agreed to do. Thankfully, she wanted to stop for a coffee on the way in, so by the time they arrived, the cones were gone and the parking lot was opened.

As they made their way down the beach, the brother and cousin hid out of view and I stayed in a sneaky spot where I could see them walking in. As they turned the corner, Shanna saw the heart of roses, and Asaf immediately dropped to one knee and proposed! After the initial surprise and excitement of the moment, we headed out for an in-the-moment engagement photos and had the beach nearly entirely to ourselves. I LOVE coming to El Matador Beach for photo sessions, with its gorgeous rock formations and curving cliffs hugging the beach, it's a dreamy spot, but I've never experienced it quite like this.

To say this couple is in love is an understatement! Shanna's giddy happiness, their affection and playfulness and the passion between them was so joyful to witness and photograph.

Congrats to Asaf and Shanna on your engagement!!