The Story of a Photographer

After spending years in front of the camera as an actor and *accidental* model, my sweet hubby gifted me with a camera for Christmas one year. It sat in its box for a good 5 months...I was intimidated by it! Then I received my annual email from my dad reminding me about the upcoming season of Lent, and I decided this was an opportunity to commit to learning something new. I finally took that camera out of the box and committed to walking our dog Henry around the neighborhood to learn to shoot on Manual mode for those 40 days, photographing flowers, fences, front doors and hummingbirds.

Something awakened in me. It's as if my vision changed, looking for the beauty of life in each little moment, around every corner. Soon I was offering photos to neighbors and friends and this little hobby became a passion, and a business I'm so proud of and adore.

While you may still catch me lighting up the small and occasionally silver screen, you can always catch me peering through my view finder, searching for something inspiring.

That, or fixing a snack for my two boys. That's part of my story, too.

Maybe my favorite part.

In front of the camera...

I don't consider myself a born performer, but life's funny little nudges guided me into this direction in life.

I landed in the BFA Acting program at the University of Arizona and then into an acting career in Los Angeles.

Trust me, I know how awkward it can feel to be the one in front of the camera!

After two decades, I have a wealth of experience to draw from to help you feel and look your best in photographs.

Here's a peek into my on-camera life!

"I am constantly in awe of how perfectly she captures all of our special moments.
She’s truly an expert at her craft. She is professional, fun, and truly a delight to work with!"

-Donna M. / (818) 693-2579